Product Management
as a Service.

Finding elegant solutions to difficult problems. Our team of product managers helps your business, to deliver digital products that your customers will love.


Our team of seasoned product managers, build bridges and break down walls. We anticipate the future, drive growth, connect with your customers, build your team, cut costs and uplift your team.

From putting feet on the ground, to providing key services to deliver product - our job is to make sure that you organisation delivers valuable and lovable products to your customers, be that internal or external.

We work on subscription, take what you need, and nothing you don't.

Our Core Services ...
Product Management
Agile Process Development
Architecture & Planning
Infrastructure & Cloud
Software Development
Team Up-skilling & Training
... all delivered "as a service".

Product Management

Our team of seasoned product mangers have cross industry experience. Need to sort out your business goals, epics, features or roadmap? Thats what we do best. Need to talk through an idea? We love a good yarn.

User Feedback & Metrics

Gathering useful feedback and metrics is challenging. The team at TMMJ have multiple ways to gather, cut and present data, so that you can make the best product decisions possible.

Architecture & Planning

Our in house architects can design the parameters for your development occur in. From infrastructure, to component diagrams and plans - we have you covered.


Security is core to what we do at TMMJ. Everything we build is done with DevOps best practices front of mind. With customers across many industries and verticals, our team keeps up to date with the latest security frameworks.


Our team can help you to turn your dream into a commercial product. With experience across many industries, our team is well placed to build your minimum viable product, proof of concept or the product itself.

Grow Sales

Our goal at the end of the day, is to help your business sell more product. We do this by helping you to create products that your customers love to use, and want to buy.

TMMJ Consulting are specialise product managers.

We're part of your (DREAM) team.

Product managers are responsible for guiding the success of a product and leading the cross-functional team that is responsible for improving it. It is an important organizational role — especially in technology companies — that sets the strategy, roadmap, and feature definition for a product or product line. The position may also include marketing, forecasting, and in some cases, profit and loss (P&L) responsibilities.

Our product manages are armed with specialised systems to augment what you have today, and to take you well into tomorrow.


How can we help?

Never had a product manager before, but think it might be time?

As a business grows, the products would have historically been developed off the back of a discussion. Not alot is written down. When you move to selling to larger organisations, or you are hiring more and more people - you will need a process driven way to communicate and plan. Our product managers work to ensure the right information is delivered, to the right teams, at the right time.

Have a product manager, but not sure if all the ducks are in a row?

This is never a bad question to ask - as there is always room for improvement. Sometimes a second pair of fresh eyes lets your team solve a problem that was previously impossible. Other times a second pair of hands lets them document what they need, so that they can perform even better. We're all about support.

Has your current product manager resigned?

Product managers can harbour a significant amount of knowledge. When they resign, if they haven't documented and communicated, you may be heading towards a knowledge black hole. You need the wheels to keep turning during their resignation period, and most importantly after they leave. Our team can work closely with yours for continuity.

Do you just need a little bit of advice and support?

Never a problem. We are always happy to give advice and support. Some of our customers have us on call, just so anyone in their team, can ask any question, any time they like. For example, how would we spec this requirement, or how should we think about that problem? No matter the question (as long as its product management related), our team would be glad to have a virtual coffee!

Do you want to implement better systems and processes?

We are asked all the time to help implement better systems and processes, to scale a business from zero to hero. Our team has products out of the box that we can run for you, or alternatively, we can implement them for you to run in the longer term.

Are your managers and executives asking for more regular updates?

As businesses grow, the managers and executives want to know what is happening at the lower levels. They want assurance that product is being delivered, ready for other cross functional teams to sell. Our product managers will product a reporting line to your team, in a format that is consumable by them. This may be a phone call walkthrough, a written report, or live access to progress.

Are you a software investor, and you'd like an extra pair of eyes?

Making sure you are investing in the right technology protects your captial investments. Speak with our product management team today for a independent review before you make your investment. Alternatively, our team can be put in place to ensure the product is run, in a manner that returns dividends for investors. That is, the product is run in a way that supports makes revenue.

Is there just too much going on, and you need extra capacity to keep up?

What a great position to find yourself in! If you are making too many sales, or just have too many projects on, our team can provide short or long term capabilities, so that your organisation can deliver to your customers.

Something else?

No problems - the product management practice is extremely varied from company to company. Simply get in touch and we'll walk you through how we can help.
"I have never experienced a team transform as much as it did when Matt came on-board as a consultant. He changed our processes for the better, moving us from a reactive team to a proactive one, while making everyone feel supported and included. In just a few months, with the agile development process and DevOps pipelines Matt had helped us set-up, the team was pushing more features out with increased confidence."
"As a satisfied client of Matt, I could provide multiple references for his incredible ability to help us navigate complex emerging markets and help bring to life the architecture of our SaaS. Matt brings all the skills and intelligence of a driven, self-starting entrepreneur and shares his insight and skills with our unique SaaS-oriented organisation, Psych Press. As a senior architect and consultant, Matt has the experience of a high-end customer oriented, products strategist to quickly move through the entire software solution development pipeline and adapt the best strategy possible. His own products suite has provided us with the ability to move highly sensitive data effortlessly across our various platforms. In all the work he has done, he has had the whole concept and solution planned out early enough and his deliveries were beyond excellent. His ability to engage with us and help uplift our tech team’s capability has been instrumental in our growth."
"Matt possesses an ability to amaze both staff and clients through his understanding of the products and services (both proprietary and commercial off the shelf). While working together, he often surprised me in that when I thought that I understood the product, he was able to refocus my view on the application and make it fit another purpose. Matt was able to get away with doing this across the whole organisation, from the executive level through the developers and across the support team by showing a logical approach and an ability to explain extremely complex concepts in an understandable and relatable manner. Self improvement and management books always recommend surrounding yourself with people smarter than you, Matt is one of these."

How Our Subscription Works

We Talk

As all good friendships go, we start with a conversation. We want to hear all about your business, your needs and your future. This can be over a virtual coffee or a virtual wine - whatever you are most comfortable with.

Our product managers will take notes for the next phase. Importantly, here we aren't solving problems, we just want to get to know you.

We Plan

A product manager will be assigned to you. From here, they'll document out your goals and any items you are currently working on, into a actionable roadmap.

We'll then share this with you, to make sure that we are aligned with you. If we need to amend any plans, we will update that as well.

We Engage

This is the fun part. Now we action your roadmap, upskill your team and create any documentation (requirements, user stories etc) that your team needs. We'll also run any user feedback sessions as required.

At the end of the day, we are here to support you and your team, and to make your products as successful as they can be.


Hear From People We've Worked With ...

"Matt has fantastic insight and applies himself to finding elegant solutions to difficult problems. He has a balanced respectful approach to debate and can be counted on to fight for the best outcome."

"Thanks again Tegan & Matt for that. Tegan you were just amazing... you have no idea how the way you think and put that all together just made me feel so heartened. I am genuinely so grateful for you!"

"In his role as a Product Manager for financial advisor software at Temenos, Matt had a great understanding of the Australian financial services industry especially in Advice. Future focussed, He would always come up with great ideas and ways to improve the product he was managing. It was great to have him as a client who would work closely with us to provide great solutions for the end clients."

"As a software component supplier it has been a pleasure to work with Matt on delivering solutions to the eHealth space. Matt has provided great technical guidance, skills and detailed analysis of requirements and issues with software developed. I appreciate the great support provided by Matt to achieve a great result with products and think he would be a great addition to any software development team."

"Matt is an unbelievably talented and an all-rounder tech superstar! His presentation skills are second to none. Introduce him to anything new, and he ‘d become master before the second blink. An awesome architect, network specialist, application and codesecurity expert and a full stack developer, all-in-one package!"

"I know Matt as a remarkably enthusiastic and talented Full Stack Developer - any organisation would be lucky to have his experience, capabilities and attitude leading their teams. I can attest to his troubleshooting abilities, technical prowess, and work ethic as well as his uncanny ability to lead teams and foster positive team culture. I worked with Matt over several years to deliver several outcomes and recognise his significant contributions to their delivery."

"Matt is really fun to work with. I learned a lot from him which helped me to grow as a software engineer."

"I worked directly under Matt's supervision and I could say that he is a great Product Manager. He always includes himself in all parts of the projects he's handling. Great in managing team resources and handling client expectations. Makes sure he provides what workers need to accomplish tasks as much as possible. Never leaves team down. Plans ahead for the project. Learns together with the team. Flexible. Reliable and goal-oriented. Fun to work with and is an honest person. I had a great time working with him and wouldn't mind working with him again. He's a great asset for any team he is and will be working with."

"Few have the opportunity to work with IT individuals with as manyr are talents that Matt has, coupled with a calm attitude and big picture mindset. Matt will always find a solution or solve the problem, with customer and business in mind. Highly regarded by Telstra Health's engineering and architecture teams."

"Matt is very technical, capable, reliable, trustworthy and is an allround nice guy. I highly recommend him."

"Matt possesses an ability to amaze both staff and clients through his understanding of the products and operations of the company and a range of commercial off the shelf applications. His ability to engage with staff and clients from all levels allowed him to build requirements quickly and effectively communicate with the development teams and while often showing the developers features that they were not aware of, was able to move software functionality constantly forward."

"What an absolute pleasure it's been working with Matt for the last couple of years. He has an incredible aptitude for picking up new products and concepts with ease, working his way to SME level of knowledge in no time. As well as the skills he bought to the business, so came a great person to work with. We spend more time with colleagues than family members at times, so it's important to have the ability to work in close proximity, often in stressful situations."

"I was Matt's recruiter for the vast majority of his time at Telstra Health, hands down he was one of the nicest humans I've had the pleasure of dealing with spanning 6 years of recruitment in Sydney. Beyond his personality, I also heard from his direct managers at Telstra Health of his quality of work, dedication to continuous learning and his ideas contributing to the wider success of the team. I hope I get the pleasure of working with Matt again in the near future!"

"I have worked with Matt for my first BA job which was also my first scrum team experience, he was my boss and my client at the same time. Matt is undeniably a genius, tech savvy and at the same time knows the business very well, he can even be his own software team alone."


"Self improvement and management books always recommend surrounding yourself with people smarter than you, Matt is one of these."

Meet Our Lead Product Manager...

Matt has worked across many industries, including, wealth management, banking, investments, automotive, education, healthcare, psychology and security. His expertise is in finding areas for growth and development, then up-skilling the team around him, to deliver the outcomes of the business. One of Matts unique skills is his ability to listen to a customer talk about a dream, and in that same call, lay out a plan of how that dream can be realised.

With experience across product management, architecture, software development, infrastructure and delivery - Matt is well placed to help your business create great products (Matt even codes!).

Outside of being a bit of a unicorn - Matt loves spending time at the local cafe, with his family, sipping on a double espresso.

If you are looking at ways to build new products, manage your existing ones, or just to upskill your team, then book a call today.

Our Software Partners

Our product managers are already kitted out with the latest tech and systems, so that on day ONE we can enable your business to be better. Most of our tool sets can be integrated with systems you are likely already using (or are free!). This means we can lift your current process, without making any immediate changes to your team, but your business receives an immediate return on investment.

Build better products,
with a stronger direction,
more unified teams
& a strategic roadmap

Outsourced Product Management,
Architecture & Development.

Research & Development

If you have an idea, but aren't sure how to validate that idea, or what steps you should take next, then our team of product managers can guide you on your journey. Regardless of if you are a startup, or a large enterprise, we can help you validate the idea and plan for success.

Hypotheses & Assumption Testing

Regardless of what you are building, there are always assumptions. Our team are specialists in turning assumptions into facts. We also test out any hypotheses that may exist to ensure that what is built, fits the need and desire.

Minimum Viable Product

We don't like the term minimum viable product, we'd much prefer minimum scalable product. Our team of product managers can design your minimum product, so that you can put it in the hands of your customers. Deciding what is part of your minimum product, and what should be in the next release is an art form.

Agile Process

If you are an organisation that is moving towards agile (or perhaps doing agile on crack?), then our team can help you implement best practice agile processes, in the context of your organisation. We help find what works for your team, then guide you through the implementation.

Goals Based Roadmap Development

It is easier to make decisions when it is well known and documented what the strategies and goals of your business are. Our team can take your management team through exercises to flesh out your goals, which are then used to design a strategic roadmap. Once you have your roadmap, you know right away if an idea is strategically aligned or not, and where your focus for the next period of time needs to be.


Developing software can be challenging. Our team are specialists in a number of prioritisation frameworks, so that we can help you prioritise your upcoming work. RICE, value vs effort, MoSCoW, Kano, story mapping, oppertunity scoring, product tree, cost of delay and roadmap for sale. We can help you select and implement a framework that suits your business needs.

Outsourced Team Standup

If you are looking to standup an outsourced team, our product managers can help guide you on what you you need to do to run a successful outsourced team. This includes documentation on the products, the technical and your process . We can also run training sessions, to take new team members through the relevant documentation.

Temporary & Long Term Staff

We work with organisations of all sizes. Some customers are looking for us to fill a position whilst it is being re-hired, whilst others we are their permanent on-call product management team.

Transparency & Communication

All companies can improve in transparency and communication. The TMMJ Consulting team comes armed with an array of tools to promote and encourage communication. We build communication reports for management, and translate product requirements to the development team.


In a world of ever changing technology, it is important that your team is constantly ups killing. Our product managers identify skill gaps within your team, then design training plans as necessary. This helps us, help you, to produce better quality software, faster.

Continuous Integration \ Continuous Deployment

A focus of our team is automating tasks that are a distraction to your development teams. CI\CD implementation is single handedly the biggest time saver for developers. It is (generally) a simple thing to implement, and your developers will love you for it. Not to mention, we can leverage this to implement automated security tooling to make your products, just that little bit better!

Evidence Based Decision Making

The best products are based on evidence. What do your customers want? What do your customers need? How do you prioritise the development of items. Our team helps you to make the right decisions, at the right time, with all the information you need.

Sprint Management

Need help running your sprint ceremonies. Our product managers can step in to help with your refinement sessions, sprint planning, sprint reviews and retrospective sessions.

Handover Coverage

Has your product manager handed in their resignation :( No problems, we will work with them on their way out, to make sure we have all the notes, documentation and processes for the next product manager. Whats better is we can continue to support you, so that you have time to get the right person for the role, rather than reacting quickly, and potentially making an incorrect hire.

What do our product managers do?


Our product managers can be critical in product vision and strategy within your organisation. Our job is to clearly articulate the business value to the product and development teams, so they understand the intent behind the new product or product release. Your product manager manages the roadmap and prioritises building what matters most to achieve the strategic goals and initiatives behind the product. We can also monitor relevant legislation in your industry to ensure you are compliant.


Your product manager will plan what their teams will deliver and the timeline for implementation. This holds true no matter which development methodology the team uses. We will define the release process and coordinate all of the activities required to bring the product to market. This involves bridging gaps between different functions within the company and aligning all of the teams involved — namely marketing, sales, infrastructure and support etc.
We also manage dependencies in and across releases to complete release phases and milestones.


Every single one of our customers wants better ideas — but it is tough to manage and prioritize the ones you collect. Our product managers co-ordinate and run the creative process of generating, developing, and curating new ideas. They determine which ideas should be promoted into features to push the product strategy forward — namely those that will achieve key objectives for the product and organisation. To this end, we also ensure that feedback and requests are seamlessly integrated into their product planning and development processes. Product managers then communicate the status of ideas back to the customers, partners, and internal team members who submitted them.


Our team will prioritise features by ranking them against the strategic goals and initiatives. This requires making difficult trade-off decisions based on the value that new features will deliver to customers and to the business. Our team also defines the requirements for each feature and the desired user experience. We work closely with the development team on the technical specifications and ensure that teams have all of the information they need to deliver a complete product to market.

Team Up-skilling

Whenever you build new features or new products, there is always an element of team ups killing required. Our product management team identifies the ups killing required, and makes the appropriate space in the roadmaps to allow team members to upskill. We never want your team to be thrown into the deep end.

Minimum Salable Product

Building products can be risky, that's why our team are specially training in the design of minimum viable products (MSPs) or minimum saleable products (MSPs). Working out what needs to be in a first iteration is both a skill and an art form. Only through working closely with customers and internal teams can we design a product that customers love and will pay for.

Stay Curious

Product managers by nature are curious creatures. We will ask questions, and have conversations. All in order to understand your business better, and to help support better decision making. Its not unusual for our product managers to ask why is that like that? Why do you do it that way? Or sometimes its a casual conversation, to understand your team better, in order to get the best from them.