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Found8 is the solid foundations for new digital products. We’ve combined industry standards and best of breed tools to shortcut all the boring and complicated stuff. Lets get you right into building your product and having strategic plans rather than building authentication, databases and integrations.

Work Fast, Iterate Faster

Found8 allows you to stand up a prototype within hours – not only that, your prototype turns into the product. Imaging being able to try a concept in front of your users and then having a consistent experience for your final product. Magic.

Experience At The Core

Found8 was built from the hundred of projects that we have been involved in. We’ve taken all the common bits and combined them into an amazing foundation for your product. Shortcut all the complicated stuff and get right into building.

Perfect For Prototyping

Found8 is excellent for creating your prototype. Within hours you’ll have something that can be used in front of a user to gather feedback and determine your next steps. Quickly and easily determine the next steps for your business.

Found8 is also great for existing companies wanting to try a new concept. Invest a little bit to validate the concept and then build with your users in mind. We’ll help you stay away from the “build it and they will come” and head towards “I’m solving a problem that will generate value”.

You’ve Got A Friend In Me …

Get access to our product management team to help you work out how to structure your product for the win! You’ll always have our phone number and can call us with any ideas that you want to spit ball around.

Delivered By Experts

Found8 is customised specially for you by our expert team of developers and product managers. Get support from the people who built the product – what could be better.

Your Dev Or Ours..

Once the initial development is done, you can use your own developers to continue the product in the future. Rest easy knowing that your product is following industry best practice and is flexible enough to take whatever you need to throw at it.

Adaptive Pricing

The pricing for Found8 varies between products, depending on what your idea is. Contact us for a confidential discussion about your concept and we’ll let you know how it can be made possible. We keep Found8 accessible to everyone from a cost perspective, but we let you know what else you should consider in the process.