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Seamless Monitoring

Seamless is a specialist monitoring system that is built to factor in the processes for your business, it watches out for issues and lets you know when something isn’t quite right. Wouldn’t business be easier with an extra pair of eyes? Contact us today to hear how Seamless Monitoring could help your business.


You don’t want to be searching for data to find out if there is an issue or not – you want fast, easy to consume dashboards that let you know quickly and accurately if any issues arise. Dashboarding is a key feature in Seamless, our easy to access and easy to consume dashboard means you are able to easily identify any problems and act quickly to rectify them, minimising any negative effects to your business.

Know At All Times

We know business today isn’t always run from an office or even near a computer. Thats why Seamless fully supports mobile and tablet devices. So when you’re out running your business, Seamless is making sure that the processes that power your empire are running at their best. We can also let you know of issues via push notifications, SMS, phone call or email.

Its All About You.

Our focus is understanding what processes your business does day to day. From here, we understand the dependencies and downstream systems to build out a process dependency map. Once we understand each of these dependencies, we build what we call “data points”. These are a series of indicators about your process. It’s these data points that we combine together to detect issues. We know your business is unique, thats why our solution wraps around your business – like a blanket that grandma knitted for you.

We Do The Heavy Lifting …

Seamless monitors the data points we collect in real time – constantly matching these against our rules engine to determine if there is a problem in progress or a predicted issue. If an issue is detected, this triggers our alert action engine – we can do a lot with an alert, everything from sending you an email through to making you a coffee (no joke!). Oh, and we can reboot a server or perform self-healing too – but brewing the perfect cup is self-healing right?

Delivered As A Service

We know that you are busy. Although you understand this would help your business and could increase your revenues by decreasing downtime, you probably don’t have the time to invest up front or ongoing. No worries! We run Seamless in a model that suits you – either we can configure and run it for you with our IT services performing IT related fixes, or you can run it in house. Whatever works for your business. Monitoring shouldn’t be a drag – monitoring empowers your business to step outside your comfort zone, because we’ll be here to let you know if something isn’t quite right.

Your Place or Ours

We know some of the data points that we collect are sensitive. Every precaution is taken to secure the data, all of which is de-identified. However we also can accomodate an on-premise installation of Seamless should your business require it. All the functionality that is in our SaaS platform is available for on premise. Keep your data within your firewall and have awesome monitoring — WIN!

Make It Yours

Seamless supports full white labelling. From putting your logo on the screen, to full colour changes, we can accomodate these straight out of the box. If you’re a IT company who would like to make Seamless your own to resell, or if you just want Seamless to look more like your other systems, just let us know and we’ll show you how. If you’re an IT company and would like to add Seamless to the suite of solutions you deliver – we have inbuilt, out of the box support for your branding, automated billing and service delivery. Contact us today to find out how Seamless could expand your offering.


Our team is here to support you through your monitoring journey. We’ll guide you, build with you and celebrate with you. We’ve built out system to monitor your processes, from simple to complex checks. Lets get started today to find out how monitoring can improve your business.