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Training and exposure to technologies

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Experience in a consulting environment

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" Coming soon!"
" Coming soon!"

Sounds Good - Here's How You Apply

Step 1:

Ask your university if they support "Voluntary Internships", let them know you are interested in the TMMJ Academy internship. If they do, great!

Step 2:

Fill in an expression of interest form by clicking the button below. You must submit a resume, cover letter and confirm that you are willing to particpate in a psychometric assessment as part of your application process.

Applicants must be submitted by the key dates below.

Step 3:

We will short list applicants and and invite you for an interview. Unfortunately we cannot take all applicants for a variety of reasons, however we will let you know either way. Successful applicants will be invited for an interview.

Step 4:

If you are successful this far, complete your interview and your psychometric assessment. This makes sure our training style aligns with your learning style, and helps us put a training plan together for you.

We strongly recommend that you prepare for your interview. Think about who we are, who you are and what you want to do in your career. We will ask you ALOT of questions.

Step 5:

Woo! So you made it all the way. Sign the contract between your university, TMMJ Consulting and yourself, then lets get started!

Key Dates


2021 Summer Intake

Expressions of Interest due: 1st November 2021
Internship Period: 1st December 2021 - 1st March 2022


2021 SummerTech Live

Expressions of Interest due: 1st October 2021


2022 Autumn Intake

Expressions of Interest due: 1st February 2022


2022 Spring Intake

Expressions of Interest due: 1st June 2022

Questions You May Have

What is a voluntary internship?

A work experience arrangement or internship is when a person works for a business to gain experience in a particular occupation or industry. These arrangements can be a valuable way for prospective employees to make the transition from study to work or explore a new career path. Sometimes these arrangements span several months and can lead to ongoing employment. An unpaid work experience arrangement or unpaid internship must be a vocational placement. The benefit is around you gaining experience. You can choose the hours you participate, in line with your universities requirements.

Do I get paid?

No - you provide your time voluntary in exchange for mentoring and experience.

Do you guarantee me a job at the end?

We will introduce you to contacts who are looking for your skill set towards the end of the internship. We are not able to guarantee you a job at the end of the internship, however you will gain experience critical to working in the industry.

Who can apply?

University students, or universities on behalf of their students.

Do I need to come to the office?

Yes, there is a degree of face time that is required to complete the internship. Our office is located in Ballarat, so please ensure travel to this location is not a problem.

How much time does a mentor spend with me?

Approximately 2 days per week - depending on your internship type and your individual needs.

I have an idea for my own project - can I do that on this internship?

Maybe. Reach out to us before you submit your expression of interest and we can discuss further with you.

Do I need a laptop?

No, we will provide you with a laptop to work from. You will however need your own mobile phone so that we can contact you.

Can I talk to someone before I apply?

Yes you can - simply email and one of our friendly team will get back to you.

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