What is Product Management?

Product managers are the people who own a product
or a set of products in a business.
They are responsible for overarching strategy, defining the features and functions, and eventually sunsetting of the product.

Product Management

Our team of seasoned product mangers have cross industry experience. Need to sort out your business goals, epics, features or roadmap? Thats what we do best. Need to talk through an idea? We love a good yarn.

User Feedback & Metrics

Gathering useful feedback and metrics is challenging. The team at TMMJ have multiple ways to gather, cut and present data, so that you can make the best product decisions possible.

Architecture & Planning

Our in house architects can design the parameters for your development occur in. From infrastructure, to component diagrams and plans - we have you covered.


Security is core to what we do at TMMJ. Everything we build is done with DevOps best practices front of mind. With customers across many industries and verticals, our team keeps up to date with the latest security frameworks.


Our team can help you to turn your dream into a commercial product. With experience across many industries, our team is well placed to build your minimum viable product, proof of concept or the product itself.

Grow Sales

Our goal at the end of the day, is to help your business sell more product. We do this by helping you to create products that your customers love to use, and want to buy.